Hirschmann MCS
Mobile Machine Control Solutions

Offshore CraneReliable control systems in rough environments

At a glance

  • Direct load measurement
  • Pivoting range monitoring
  • Slack rope indication

Safe and reliable!

Offshore cranes have to fulfil safety standards in extreme environmental conditions.

The safety systems from Hirschmann MCS comply with these specific, highly demanding requirements and safety standards, ensuring via force measurement, wind measurement and pressure measurement so that the machines can be reliably used in the offshore area.

Requirements & Features

  • Monitoring of the maximum load
  • Visualization of relevant values and parameters
  • Degree of utilisation
  • Support of operation mode selection
  • Mode selection
  • Operation hour counter
  • Data logger
  • Hoist limiting
  • Visualization by panel
  • Warning indicator
  • Slack rope indication
  • Pivoting range monitoring system
  • Limit value monitoring (SWL and cut-off limit)
  • Recognition of the dead-man’s switch
  • Measurement of pressures
  • External, customer-specific CAN communication

Support of the operating modes

  • MOPS function by digital inputs and outputs
  • AOPS function by digital outputs


We offer the right components and software solutions for the requirements of these applications. We also provide additional solutions- from a standard product to a custom system- all from one source. 

  • cSCALE S6

    Modular and rugged Control

  • fSENS MA

    Configurable load pins for any range of forces


  • Graphic console application
  • Data logger