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Gantry CraneCertified systems for overload protection

At a glance

  • Safety cut-off in overload situations
  • Reduced downtime
  • Web visualization
  • Long service life

Play it safe!

Portal cranes are overhead cranes that stand firmly, are mobile on wheels (RTG) or operating via rails (RMG). They are preferably used for loading containers in port facilities.

The overload protection systems from Hirschmann MCS monitor by means of force measurement technology the overloading of containers as well as also disbalances of imbalanced loads. Also interlocking and collisions are prevented, with slack rope indication being displayed. The systems comply with the standards EN 15011/EN 13849/EN 62061 and EN 61508.

Requirements & Features

  • Load monitoring with audible and visual warning
  • Lift protection
  • Compliance with corporate and industry safety standards
  • Precise force measurement (via redundant sensors)
  • Parametrization/calibration/diagnosis
  • Detection and monitoring system for cut-off in the event of an unbalanced load
  • Crane capacities ranging from 3 to 500 tonnes
  • Integrated data logger with load counter (lift data counter according to standard) and load spectrum counter (cumulative load counter according to standard)
  • Communication with crane controller
  • Safety chain calculation 
  • Standard solutions with1,2,4 or 8 sensors
  • Support for redundant sensors
  • Configurable snag load protection
  • Slack rope detection
  • Temperature range: -30°C to +70°C
  • Standard ethernet interface for external control by visualizing data transmitted to other control systems
  • 32-bit CPU with 48 MB flash memory
  • User-friendly HMI console with function keys and rotary encoder for display, operation, and diagnostics
  • Easy data capture via USB (presentation and analysis in Excel)


We offer certified components and software solutions for the requirements of these applications. We also provide additional solutions- from a standard product to a custom system- all from one source. 


    Standard & customized compression load cells

  • fSENS MA

    Configurable load pins for any range of forces

System overview

Safety engineering

  • Industry Standard for development (CODESYS) acc. to EN 61131-3
  • Development acc. to common quality guidelines (V-MODEL)
  • Safety engineering and safety chain calculation (SISTEMA)
  • Certified and examined TÜV Safety Engineers